REGULATION (provisional) OF RACE


  • The association  LES TRAILERS DE L’ATLAS, organizes the 2ed Edition of le Grand Trail de la Vallée du Drâa (GTVD) which will take place from 17 to 25 November 2018 in Zagora in southern Morocco.
  • This regulation is binding on all registered participants.


  • Le Grand Trail de la Vallée du Drâa is a free-running run for a total distance of about 120 kilometers to be achieved in four different stages. Trails follow mostly paths without great difficulty.
  • Trail in semi-autonomy including 1 liquid supply  on the course and 1 solid supply on arrival. Each competitor will have to wear his equipment: backpack, compulsory equipment, food reserve for the day only.
  • Open from the age of 18 on the date of departure and with parental authorization for minors over 16 to 17 years of age.
  • Event open to walkers, especially Nordic, and accompanying persons.
  • Single number will be given for the entire event. It will be available at the first bivouac.


Entries are limited in number of participants.

Closing on October 15, 2018 unless quotas previously reached

  • Fees = 850 Euros

The flight ticket is the responsibility of each participant.

Participants will be picked up at the Marrakech airoport ( Nov 17) or Ouarzazate airport (Nov 18) by the organization.


  1. Accommodation in hotels and bivouacs as mentioned in the program.
  2. Dinners and breakfasts in bivouac, lunches transfers.
  3. The Podium ceremony.
  4. Refueling in liquid and solid.
  5. All transfers by private bus indicated in the program, airport transfers.
  6. All transfers of luggage between each stage.
  7. Medical assistance.


  1. The flight tickets.
  2. Cancellation insurance / luggage.
  3. Tips and other activities.
  4. Drinks outside the bivouac.


Participants will have to book their flight. They will be picked up on arrival at the Marrakech or Ouarzazate airport by the organization. However, it is strongly recommended to privilege the arrival at the Ouarzazate airport. They will have to communicate the information about their flights (flight number, arrival time, coming from  …) to the organization.

November 17 : Arrival in Marrakech : Flight France (or other country) / Marrakech- Morocco, Pick-up at the Marrakech airport by members of the organization / Transfer bus to the hotel. Check-in at the hotel,Free dinner.
November 18 :
If arrival in Marrakech the day before : After breakfast, departure from the hotel around 7:30. Transfer by bus to the 1st bivouac of the race in the region of Zagora. Free lunch, Dinner and night at the bivouac.
If arrival in Ouarzazate : Direct flight Paris-Ouarzazate, reception at the airport by the organization then transfer immediately to the 1st bivouac of the race. Dinner and night at the bivouac.

November 19 : Administrative, technical and medical checks; briefing, Meals from breakfast to dinner on the bivouac of the race.
20 to 23 november : Timed stages in semi autonomy. Nights at the bivouac.
November 23 : Awards ceremony – closing ceremony in the evening.
November 24 : Transfer back to Ouarzazate or Marrakech, free lunch and dinner, hotel night. 
November 25 : Return – Morocco / France (or other country). Possibility direct flight Ouarzazate-Paris.


  • Materials required for le Grand Trail de la Vallée du Drâa :

Each competitor must provide personal equipment for the event. The compulsory equipment will be checked when the bib is handed over. Checks will be made on the course and at the finish.

Equipment required to start each stage :

– backpack.
– Water pocket 1L minimum.
– Sac de couchage.
– Food reserve for the day.
– Headtorch with spare batteries.
– Aluminium survival shee.
– Knife, Ligther.
– Compass, Whistle.
– Signaling Mirror. 
– Safety pins.
– Tropical disinfectant.
– Passport or for Moroccan residents ,the identity card.

  • Hardware highly recommended :

– Sunglasses.
– Cap with neck protector.
– Salt pastilles.
– Windbreaker.
– Sunscreen body, face and lips.
– Anti-sand gaiters.
– Second headlamp + spare batteries.
– Mobile phone in working condition.
– First aid kit.
– Toilet paper.

Mandatory equipment transported by the organization :

– Sleeping bag.


  • The course takes place on about 120 km author of the valley of Drâa and 4 stages on average of 30 km per day.
  • The route takes all kinds of terrain: trails along the Drâa river , paths in the palm grove, crossings of villages, dried river, stony plateaus, sand dunes and small mountains.
  • The stages are marked on the whole route: signs, marking on the ground, fluorescent light stick, several natural landmarks will also serve as additional indications so that participants stay on the axis of the course. Signalers will also be present on possible detour points !
  • Participants of le Grand Trail de la Vallée du Drâa must imperatively follow the marking of the stages established by the organization ,penalties are sitted for Participant who don’t respect the mark.
  • The organizers undertake to withdraw these indications after the passage of the Participants.


  • Departures of stages will be grouped, except.
  • Each competitor must be present before the start of the stage at the briefing of the race director.
  • Before each start of stage, water distribution point and compulsory control.


  • The organization takes care of the water supply for each competitor.
  • The water distribution planned each morning will take place before the start on the bivouac.
  • A liquid supply only is provided on average every 12 km by the organization. The runner must therefore be ready for the semi autonomy and take charge of part of his supply by means of a reserve of water (or water pocket) and a food reserve (energy bars, dried fruits, Energy drinks, dates, etc...).
  • Between food supplies the Participants are in complete autonomy. No external aid allowed.
  • A solid supply will be available at the end of each stage.
  • A convivial meal is provided every evening in the Bivouac restaurant.


  • Check points will be made all along the course. The check points are obligatory points  (departure, PC, arrival) where the participants must validate his passage by a team of controllers in the check point. therefore, the bib must be visible in full throughout the race.


Security is a priority for the organization.

  • Security posts will be set up at several points along the route. These poste will be linked to the PC race  at the Bivouac . A medical team, composed of doctors and rescuers, will be present throughout the race to the safety PC, it will have hand on the course in assistance vehicles. The official doctor and / or the organizer will be entitled to withdraw the bip number and to put off any competitor who is unable to continue the race.
  • A vehicle or dromedaries “sweep” in contact with the PC race will close the march of each stage.
  • For security reasons, mobile phones are strongly advised,  a call number will be given by the organization to  make  easy the communication in case of problems. Participants are advised to get the PC security number of the race which will be communicated to you at the bivouac.
  • In case of a sand wind that does not allow any visibility, each competitor will have to stop on the axe of the course and will have to wait for the instructions of the race officials.
  • Modification of the course, time barriers and stage cancellation : The organization can set up barriers beyond which competitors can be stopped. For reasons of safety, particularly in the case of unfavorable weather conditions, the organization reserves the right to stop the stage or to modify the routes and the time barriers, or even to cancel the stages without warning. participants can claim no compensation or refund of the registration fee.


The organization give particular importance and emphasizes on the values of respect for the environment, solidarity between runners and convivial and festive spirit. The participants undertake to respect the various points of the Trail Charter.

  • Environnment : The participants undertake not to throw anything on the course (notably packaging of bars and energy products) and respect the natural space in general. Any runner who threw waste on the course will be penalized (time penalty or disqualification). The organizer agrees to withdraw the marking of the courses at the end of the passage of the runners.
  • Marking : Participants undertake to leave in place the markers that allow the orientation of the runner.
  • Solidarity between the runners : A runner must assist any person found in difficulty. Rescuers and organizers must be informed immediately.
  • Respect for Volunteers : runners – and their accompanying  – are committed to respecting the volunteers who contribute to the organization of the trail.


  • Competitors’s time will be recorded in hours, minutes and seconds. The organization starts the timer at the start of each stage. At the finish, a timekeeper will record the daily time of each competitor.
  • To be classified, participants must complete the entire course. A runner who has given up on a stage may be allowed to resume the race, he will no longer be in the ranking.
  • An individual ranking by categories will be established by the organization, women and men according to the age of the competitors, an individual raking and a  team’s ranking.
  • Individual ranking : The ranking of the stage is done by adding the realized time. The general classification is established by accumulating the times recorded in each of the stages.
  • Team’s ranking : The team must consist of at least 3 runners. For the teams, the runking of the stage is done by adding the times of each member of the team. The average time will determine the time taken by the team. The general ranking is done by adding the times obtained by the team at each stage. The team finishing of 2 member can not be taken into account in the overall classification.
  • Complaints : The race direction is sovereign to award penalties or bonuses. Claims are admissible within 30 minutes of provisional rankings.
  • Récompenses : Aucune prime en argent ne sera distribuée. Pour cette 1ère édition, l’organisation du Grand Trail de la Vallée du Drâa prévoit différents lots de partenaires et des produits locaux. Un trophée souvenir sera offert aux gagnants au scratch (classements femmes et hommes). Une médaille émaillée aux couleurs de la course sera remise à tous les coureurs finishers.


  • Bivouac : composed of several Berber tents installed for each stage :

– Collective tents for runners grouped in the center of the bivouac, where will be able to create convivial exchanges.
– Tent Restaurant.
Medicals tents.
Organization tents.

  • Luggages : Each runner is required to have a flexible travel bag of 20 kg maximum, which will be taken care of by the organization. It will notably contain a sleeping bag and an inflatable mattress for bivouacs (transported by the organization). The luggage transfer is organized. However, short distances will have to be traveled on foot. That’s why we recommend you to use a pullingbag or a backpack. For your trip by plane, we advise you to take with you, in a backpack , all necessary things for the competition (shoes, pants, tee-shirt, camelbag). Unfortunately, sometimes the baggage is lost and only recovered after a few days. The organizer can not be held responsible for these situations. The organizer disclaims all liability in case of loss, theft of objects or luggage.


Medical kit in the travel bag :

The organization of le Grand Trail de la Vallée du Drâa encourages you to seek advice from a pharmacist or your attending doctor to help you set up your own medical kit. The information below from our experience is given for information only.

Your emergency medical kit should include your usual medications for treatment throughout the duration of the race.

To reduce congestion, drugs can be deconditioned.

The medical team of the organization can advise you on prescriptions and dosage if needed.

– Antiseptic solution (eosin type, Betadine).
– Compresses, band of gauze, adhesive plaster.
– Individual dressing.
– Protective sponge, dressings for bulbs (double skin) of the Compeed type.
– Elastoplast adhesive elastic band, allowing to bandage or strapping.
– Healing cream (Cicatryl type).
– Treatment of superficial burns (type Biafine).
– Foreign body clamp, pointed chisel, needle.
– Antibiotic broad spectrum (type pyostacine) in case of infection.
– Anti-diarrhea.
– Antihistamine.
– Antispasmodic (Spasfon type).
– Intestinal antiseptic (type ercefuryl).
– Paracetamol or ibuprofen.
– Anti-inflammatory for tendinitis, articular trauma, low back pain.
– Unidose physiological saline, to wash the wounds, the eyes, the ears, etc …
– Treatment of sore throat type Maxilase or Lysopaine.
– Mosquito repellent.


Each runner must :

  • Being 18 years old at the start of the race. Exceptionally, minors 16 to 17 years of age will be allowed to run with the obligation to produce a parental authorization dated and signed while  the bib number given. They shall meet the same requirements as set out in this Regulation.
  • Recognize being physically fit to complete all stages and undertake to provide a medical certificate of less than 3 months, stating “does not present a contra-indication to the practice of running”. This document will be given to the doctors of the organization at the handing-in of the numbers.
  • Be familiar with these rules before the event. The fact of registering for the race constitutes the acceptance of the regulation in its entirety and without any conditions.
  • Be aware of the risks that the participation in this event may cause it to run. He attests, by the fact of enrolling, to know his physical abilities and the limits of his technical skills. He pre-empts the organization of any penal or civil liability in the event of a bodily or material accident during le Grand Trail de la Vallée Drâa.
  • Fill out the file and provide a medical certificate. To be valid any registration must be accompanied by a medical certificate dating from less than 3 month at the date of the competition specifying explicitly the no contra-indication to the practice of running in competition. The medical certificate must be delivered to the organization at the latest when the bibs number are given. Failing this, the registration will be canceled and the sums paid will be retained by the organization.
  • Take out individual civil insurance including repatriation.

By registering, each runner personally undertakes the following commitments :

  • I declare that I have read the regulations and the values of the race (avaible on www.gtvd-trailmorocco.com)
  • I understand and agree with the terms and conditions of participation set out in the regulations.
  • I promise to respect the rules in all respects.
  • I pledge to respect scrupulously the ethics and to promote it.
  • I declare that I am aware of the medical contraindications that may concern me and consequently relieve the organization of any medical problems that may arise during the event due to my negligence.


  • Any registration paid shall be forfeited to the organizer. Only those who are unable to run due to a health problem will be refund upon written request (refund within two months of the date of the event).
  • Any request for cancellation must be accompanied by a medical certificate attesting to this incapacity. This request will be made by e-mail (gtvdtrailersatlas@gmail.com) no later than one week before the date of the race,  before 4 November 2017 (postmark date). Requests made by someone other than the runner will not be valid.


  • It is imperative in case of abandonment of a competitor, that this one prevents the organization as quickly as possible.


  • The participants undertake to strictly respect the prohibition of doping as well as the provisions concerning the anti-doping controls.
  • In the event of doping of a competitor ascertained by the medical services, the latter will inform the race official who will disqualify the competitor.


  • Any displaced or offensive behavior of a participant is sanctioned by a penalty up to elimination from the race.


  • Race official present on the course and the CP-chief of the various checkpoints and supply points are entitled to enforce the rules and immediately apply the disqualification of the competitor in the following cases :

– Non respect of the course, cut representing a shortcut ;
– garbage throwness (papers, bottles, gel …) ;
– No assistance to a person in difficulty ;
– External assistance (unregistered runner, vehicle or MTB…).


  • Any participant in Le Grand Trail de la Vallée du Drâa expressly authorizes the organizers and their rights-holders, such as partners and media, to use the results, fixed or audio-visual images, on which it could appear On all media including advertising and promotional one, throughout the world and for the longest period of time prescribed by law, regulations or treaties.
  • Any disagreement must be reported to the organizer by mail or email prior to the event.


  • These rules may be modified at any time and without prior notice by the organizing team. Any new version of the rules will be posted on the website of the event  www.gtvd-trailmorocco.com.

Any registration implies the taking of knowledge of the present regulation and its acceptance.